Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy CDs and downloads from Mastermix?


Mastermix is a DJ Only subscription service licensed by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and MCPS. To subscribe to this service you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions which clearly state you must be a professional working DJ please make sure you fulfil this criteria before completing your subscription.

All CDs and downloads from Mastermix are 100% legal and fully licensed by the copyright holders. You must ensure you are covered by the correct performance licences to copy, move or play the content.


I've bought a mixed album as a download, how will this be delivered to me?


Your album will be delivered to you as one audio track per mix. If you are downloading a Grandmaster the whole product will be delivered as one mix, if you are downloading an Issue or any other product with multiple mixes, you will download one file per mix.


What do I need in order to download digital files from Mastermix?


Our download service requires a PC or Mac with a modern web browser, older browsers are not supported. A broadband internet connection is strongly recommended to allow you to download your music as quickly as possible.


What can I do with my purchased music?


Downloaded tracks can be played through your PC/Laptop, transferred to a compatible portable MP3 player or burnt to CD and CDs can be ripped to a computer (as long as you own a Pro Dub licence). Once you have downloaded music or bought a CD from us, it is yours to keep; however, as all music available at Mastermix is copyrighted, it is prohibited to distribute, sell or share it with others.


The song I want is part of an album... why can't I download it separately?


Tracks from Pro Disc are not available for separate purchase. Additionally, certain record companies have asked us to ensure their content is not sold separately.


Is there a minimum spend?


Yes, there is a minimum spend of £2 across the whole website.


How do I download my tracks from Mastermix?


After confirming and paying for your order, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'my downloads' this will take you to a page where your links will appear once they are created. You may need to refresh your screen. If you need to re-download your items after purchasing them, visit the 'my downloads' page within 72 hours of purchase.


Can I download direct to a mobile device?


Mastermix delivers digital files as a zip file, and an iPod, iPad and many other mobile devices can't open zip files. We recommend that you download to your main computer then sync the audio files to your device.


How many times can I download my items?


You can request downloads twice within 60 days of purchase. This can only be extended in the event of a technical failure while providing your download links. For this reason, you should ensure your digital downloads are protected by a backup solution.


My files are no longer in the My Downloads section!


Normally this means you have exceeded the 60-day limit, or used all your download attempts. However, we may occasionally need to withdraw items from download for legal or other reasons.


What file type and quality are Mastermix downloads?


Mastermix audio is provided in 320kbps MP3 format, which has been tested and shown to be practically indistinguishable from the original master.


Will I receive album art with my album download?


Yes, a front and back cover image is included with your download where available.


Will I receive a cuesheet with my album download?


When you purchase a Grandmaster album as a download, a cuesheet will be delivered as part of your order. This text file contains timecodes of all the mix points in the mix.


What is your returns policy?


Please click here to read our returns and refunds policy.


Can I buy Mastermix CDs and DVDs from a shop?


Yes, we have a network of Mastermix Dealers across the UK who stock a range of Mastermix CDs and can order in any product you see on our website if they don’t already have it available.


Can I use PayPal?


Yes we accept PayPal for full payments, however you can’t pay monthly for your Mastermix subscription via PayPal.


Why can't I see the WAV version of the track I'd like to purchase?


All the Mastermix back catalogue is true WAV format, however with current music, sometimes the WAV of a particular song hasn't been made available to us, therefore we can only supply it to you as an MP3. 


Why can't I select the MP3 or WAV version of an album I'd like to purchase?


If neither the WAV or the MP3 option is available, this means that we don't currently offer that product in download format.


Why can't I select the CD version of an album I'd like to purchase?


If the CD option isn't available, this means that the album is exclusively available as a download; we have either sold out of the CD or we have never made the album available as a physical product.


My question wasn't answered here. How do I contact you?


Please feel free to email us at support@mastermixdj.com






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