How to Make TV Themes Work in a DJ Set


Mastermix DJ Pete Sherriff chats about how to make TV Themes work in a DJ set and how he uses them to create those ‘ooh’ moments…

I thought I would put a short blog together about using TV Themes. This isn’t something to be sniffed at so much as embraced – everyone watches TV! From the “duff duff” on Eastenders to the “Now this is a story…” of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, everyone loves a theme tune and they are becoming more popular to use at gigs and events.


In the world we live in at the moment, people have access to an unlimited amount of entertainment and 99.9% of them have one thing in common – they all have a theme tune. Even YouTube videos have some unlicensed ditty at the start.


Why Use Themes in a DJ Set?

From scratching and mixing them into a set, to just dropping them into a party playlist, they have been my weapons of “ooh” for a long time. I have spoken before in previous blogs about getting that “ooh factor” gasp from your guests when something big comes on – you know that Robin S moment?

So, which themes do I use? I know you’ll be thinking “I bet he uses the A-Team”. Actually, I don’t. Although the Mastermix TV Sets Ultimate Collection starts with that, I very rarely play it, even at an 80’s weekender full of crazy people; mainly because it only ever came in the original form full of sound effects that are not really good for keeping a floor.

However outside of the standard A-Team intro, I like to “dig deep” when it comes to messing with a crowd. Anyone can play “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and call themselves an 80’s DJ but what are you going to give me that I’ve rarely heard?


Choice of Themes

Take Dad’s Army as an example. There won’t be many people over 35 who don’t know that song. Or the theme from Minder, possibly one of the most recognisable 80s themes. Why not drop that into a set? Obviously, one verse and one chorus and out again is best but I’ll leave the tech bit up to you. From there I would look into catching my audience unaware with something else too.

Hawaii Five-0 and Dangermouse seem to get a look in these days as well. As strange as that may seem, these are all go-to drop in themes that will help make a set stand out.


End of the Night

Wrapping up a night is always an opportunity to play something random. I have used anything from the end credits of Frasier to the Top Gear tune. However, my favourite theme tune to say good night with is the I’m A Celebrity theme. This is a long-running show that has moments the whole nation talk about the following day. To me it’s a must play – maybe just try it and see if you can say good night and drop that on? Works a treat.

Thanks for reading and keep spinning the tunes.





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