Producing Grandmaster Warm Up 8 – Balearic Beats

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee explains how Grandmaster Warm Up 8 – Balearic Beats was brought to life with the expertise of the Mastermix production and development team!

The Music Selection

The latest mix in the Grandmaster Warm Up range features a selection of tracks that were synonymous with the Balearic sound made famous by DJs performing at legendary clubs in Ibiza.

Whilst the music associated with Ibiza is mainly from the dance scene, the Balearic sound used a wide range of music styles. You’ll hear pop, rock & indie together with selected dance tracks to create a unique vibe. This became hugely popular in the late 80s and through the 90s with audiences flocking to the island to enjoy the hedonistic atmosphere that this music created.

The Production Team

Mastermix influencer Richard Bright, a.k.a. Doctor Feelgood, lives and works in Ibiza and was the obvious choice to collate the playlist for this production. Richard performs at many venues in Ibiza including Café Mambo and Es Paradis and an authority on the Balearic scene.

Rich also performs at private parties & weddings across Europe. Therefore he knows the importance of creating a listing that would encapsulate the Balearic sound but appeal to DJs and audiences of all type. He has done exactly that!

For this mix I teamed Rich up with Mastermix legend Gary Gee, the creative talent behind the recent Jackin’ House and Nu Disco Sessions. Although the Grandmaster is a more downtempo affair, I knew Gary would be able to turn it into something special!

To hear more about the origins of the Balearic Beats sound, click here to watch Doctor Feelgood’s video.

The Mix

This production is full of surprises from start to finish and sits perfectly in the Grandmaster Warm Up range. The mix kicks off with the 1985 hit ‘Life’s What You Make It’ before working its way through Balearic anthems. It features classics from Carly Simon, Donna Summer, Herb Alpert, Queen, Cure, Clash, Wham, Sade and Happy Mondays.

This 78-minute mix takes you on an eclectic musical journey. It will leave you wanting more and inspire you to take your DJ sets in alternate directions.

Grandmaster Warm Up 8 – Balearic Beats is perfect for warm up, background & build up sets. Introduce it into your set when a chilled music style is required. This includes outdoor & intimate gatherings as well as weddings and many other events.

balearic beats offer image with Grandmaster Warm Up 8 and crates

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