What is Balearic Beats?

Richard Bright, a.k.a DJ Doctor Feelgood, gives an insight into the Balearic Beats sound that originated in Ibiza in the 80s and 90s and how it has evolved and as a result stands the test of time today!

Richard lives and works in Ibiza and was the obvious choice to collate the playlist for this production. Doctor Feelgood performs at many venues in Ibiza including Café Mambo and Es Paradis and is an authority on the Balearic scene.

This eclectic mix of musical styles is featured on Grandmaster Warm Up 8 – Balearic Beats.

Video Transcription

“Hey it’s Doctor Feelgood here, all the way from the beautiful island of Ibiza. I’m here to talk about the brand new release which is the Grandmaster Warm Up Volume 8. Compiled and mixed and produced by the amazing Gary Gee and yours truly Doctor Feelgood”.

“Gary Gee’s on a roll at the moment he’s absolutely on fire with the Nu Disco and the Jackin’ House mixes. So when Mastermix pitched the idea of a Balearic Grandmaster why would I say no? It is a complete honour to be involved in the Grandmaster and work alongside Gary Gee”.

What is Balearic Beats?

“So what is Balearic Beats? Obviously it’s a genre from the Balearic islands and I am in Ibiza which is part of the Balearics”.

“It came about in the mid to late 80s when some UK DJs, the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway, Lisa Loud and many more came over. They heard the Spanish DJs in the bars and the clubs playing a mixture of 80s and rock, some beats, some dance, some indie, some pop. It was a whole mish mash of sounds, of influences, added with the Spanish vibe. They went back to the UK, and the UK DJs kind of sat there and went right, we’re gonna do our own thing”.

“It was kind of the precursor for the UK Acid House movement. Whilst the UK was having raves up and down the country, the Club scene of Ibiza was definitely DJ driven with this sound”.

How has Balearic Beats developed?

“Over the years it’s progressed, and it’s morphed and it’s changed because that’s the beauty of it. Because it’s a growing entity. Today, the Ibiza residents, myself included, will play this genre of music with our own flair and style”.

“I like to keep it to the original 80s vibe. I love an 80s record, I love a ballad, and I mix that in with indie, with soft rock and some beats and today’s music. It’s a whole mish mash and eclectic mix of genres. Just like Ibiza is a mish mash of nationalities, and that’s what Balearic is for me”.

How we created the Grandmaster

“So when the Grandmaster came through I thought ok, how do you pick from all these types of music? How do you pick those tracks? Well I think we picked 30 tracks that actually screamed Balearic, screamed Ibiza!”

“A great mix, I’m really proud of how it’s turned out! It’s an honour to do that mix with Gary”.

Where can you play Balearic Beats?

“It will serve you well for weddings, corporate events, outside parties like garden parties, intimate indoor events. When you need to entertain but you can’t have a packed dancefloor, it’s perfect. Then for you to hear the mix, look at the crates and then actually start making your own Balearic mixes and delve into that genre”.

“It’s a group effort, not just the DJ, not just the Producer, not just Richard Lee who was a major factor in this, it’s the backroom staff and everybody”.

“I’m going to sign off, until next time, stay healthy, it’s Doctor Feelgood, from Ibiza”.

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