Quick Guide To Alternative Versions of Football Anthems!

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee gives you a quick overview of where you’ll find alternative DJ versions of football anthems in the Mastermix catalogue and how to incorporate them this weekend!

Whilst we won’t be filling the dancefloors on Sunday night ahead of the Euro 2020/21 final, many DJs will still be on hand to create the atmosphere for the pre-match build up before kick off at 8pm!

As experienced DJs, we know that you’ll already have all those classic football anthems in your music library, however Mastermix are here to provide you with innovative and alternative versions of the classics to add an extra element to your playlists.

Here’s a quick-fire guide for making sure you have all these essential tools in your collection in time for the weekend!

DJ Beats versions of Football Anthems

DJ Beats Football features 15 essential footy anthems with added intro and outro beats so you can drop them seamlessly and creatively into your set! With crowd pleasers from Baddiel & Skinner, Farm, Fat Les, Englandneworder, Blur and Chumbawamba, this album contains some exclusive DJ Beats alongside a selection from the main range.

After being sung loud and proud by the England team following their semi final victory, Sweet Caroline has become the unofficial team anthem of this year’s tournament! The DJ Beats version of this trending track is available on DJ Beats 25 – click here to add it to your collection if you don’t already own it!

DJ Edits of Football Crowd Pleasers

Time will be of the essence in your build up sets this weekend, with you wanting to belt out as many crowd pleasers as you can ahead of the big game. This is where DJ Edits come in – each one is cleverly engineered so that you can play shorter versions of the tracks, without losing the essence of the song or mixing out half way through. 

While you’re going to want to play the full versions of the big hitters such as Three Lions and Vindaloo, here are some DJ Edits of other unofficial anthems that will come in handy this weekend. Click on any of the track titles to update your collection:

Maybe you want to play something that allows you to enjoy the build-up with your friends & guests. Take a look at our Grandmaster range that includes a selection of 70 min + mixes that are perfect to set the scene up to kick-off:

Grandmaster Party 10, Grandmaster Party 11 & Grandmaster Party 12 are packed with uplifting anthems that are guaranteed to get everyone in the mood.

Wherever you are watching the match… enjoy… and may the best team win 😉 

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