Pro Remix 15 – Track Guide

Pro Remix 15 contains 15 official remixes of new, forthcoming and on-trend tracks including latest releases from Empire Of The Sun, 4 Strings, Jonas Blue, Rita Ora and Alison Goldfrapp x Paul Woolford.

Mastermix Creative Consultant Dave Evans gives you the lowdown on how these tracks will fit into your mobile and club DJ sets.

1. Borai & Denham Audio – Make Me (Extended)

2023 seems to be becoming the year of rave influenced tracks. This combines a synth driven rhythm with the vocal hook from Strike – ‘U Sure Do’ and will sit nicely with the likes of Jodie Harsh and GHSTGHSTGHST from Pro Remix 14.

BPM: 130 Style: Rave

2. DJ Kuba & Neitan x Bounce Inc. – Work My Body (Extended Mix)

This has been hitting the clubs for the last month. If you start singing Ciara – ‘1,2 Step’ along to it don’t be surprised. This is a solid pub/club track that should generate radio play.

BPM: 125 Style: House

3. Eats Everything – Get Up (Extended Mix)

Originally done by Ralphi Rosario in 1997, ‘Get Up’ is a modern tech house piano driven tune. Big room vocals and a big-time tune. Slot this one in your A-List folder.

BPM: 127 Style: Tech House

4. Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Southstar Remix)

This is a surprisingly haunting fast paced remix. Luke Steeles vocals are brilliant over the intro beats. A sleeper track that will work with a club audience for those big drop moments.

BPM: 150 Style: Electronic

5. Ariele Free feat. Kelli Leigh – Release I Need (Original Mix)

Slow building house burner, this track is a simple banger, which your mainstream crowd will love.

BPM: 128 Style: House

6. Alison Goldfrapp x Paul Rutherford – Fever (Extended Mix)

Brilliant electronic dance track from Alison. This has slight early Ibiza 23 tones to it and would fit in well with any set.

BPM: 124 Style: Electronic

7. Hardwell, Maddix, 4 Strings – Take Me Away Again (Extended Mix)

As the title suggests this is a remake of the trance classic and it doesn’t disappoint. Big room track that will awaken memories for the older audience and introduce a new crowd to a true anthem.

BPM: 138 Style: Trance

8. Marshall Jefferson feat. Joe Killington – Go Down

It’s Marshall so you know what to expect. Funky piano, non-stop beats and a superb vocal from Joe Killington. It’s a simple track that needs to go in your collection in a high place alongside your house folder.

BPM: 123 Style: Vocal House

9. Jonas Blue, Felix Jaehn – Weekends (Anton Powers Mix)

Providing an alternative to the radio version, Anton Powers slows down the track to make it more appealing to the sing-a-long pub audience while still funky enough for the clubs.

BPM: 130 Style: Dance

10. Kaskade x deadmau5 pres. Kx5 & Sofi Tukker – Sacrifice (Extended Mix)

One to go straight into your Big Room box. This is a dark techno stomper collaboration of twisted rhythms and soft vocals. The drop is off the scale.

BPM: 130 Style: Dance

11. LeNesra, Sol Brothers & Marcella Woods – Let Me Out (Hausfreak & James Hurr Extended Remix)

23 years ago Marcella Woods vocals made Matt Darey’s ‘Beautiful’ one of the best trance tracks ever. In 2023 her uplifting voice combined with the Sol Brothers and LeNesra make this remix a tech house belter. This one is more suited to the clubs but will work with all audiences.

BPM: 125 Style: Tech House

12. NRG Trax feat. MC Finchy – Rock The Party (Original Mix)

Bounce anthem in the making. This track will go straight in after Schak or Bad Boy Chiller Crew in your set and keeping the room slamming.

BPM: 145 Style: Bounce

13. Rita Ora – You Only Love Me (Shift K3Y Mix)

Rita returns with a great track but Shift K3Y take it to the next level with a garage tinted but still commercial dance-based remix. A great alternative to have for your sets to the original.

BPM: 127 Style: Dance

14. Rain Radio – Lighters Up (Extended Mix – MM Clean Edit)

Sampling Lil Kim’s classic, Rain Radio return with a radio friendly track which you will be hearing both on commercial radio and in the pubs and clubs. Recognizable hook will get the crowd singing along.

BPM: 124 Style: Dance

15. Salute – Wait For It (Original Mix)

If you are a fan of good funky house music then grab this tune and play it the needle wears out. This has a hint of Atlantic Ocean in it but its simply a great dance song. Might not chart but this is a track you need and should be massive.

BPM: 133 Style: Electronic

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