Issue 413: November 2020


10 exclusive individual mixes for DJ use only including Cool Cuts: November 2020, Piano Anthems pt.2, The DJ Set: 90s Indie, TikTok: The Hits – Rap & Retro Mix: 10s: Pop. Buy the full album or download the individual mixes you require.


Issue 413 Cool Cuts: November 2020

Issue 413 DJ Playlist: French House

Issue 413 Piano Anthems Pt.2

Issue 413 All Out 80s

Issue 413 Retro Mix: 10s Dance

Tracklist 2

Issue 413 The DJ Set: 90s Indie

Issue 413 Everybody Party

Issue 413 Tik Tok: The Hits – Rap

Issue 413 Mastermixed: Trance Anthems

Issue 413 Retro Mix: 10s Pop