Shorter Versions Of Classic Tracks

DJ Edits from Mastermix deliver shorter, punchier versions of classic tracks without compromising the rhythm, timing, and original integrity of the track.

Perfect for mobile and club DJs who want to create fast moving, innovative sets for their audience.

The added intro & outro beats are tempo-locked but the rest of the track has not been changed. DJ Edits are not re-gridded.

Earlier editions of the DJ Edits range are categorised by volume number from 1 to 30. Newer additions are presented in a particular genre, decade or music style.


DJ Edits are tailor-made to deliver high-energy, non-stop entertainment, allowing DJs to craft a set that keeps the party going and the dancefloor packed.

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee explains how DJ Edits are structured and how you can incorporate them into your DJ sets and playlists.