Introducing DJ Re-Grids

Introducing DJ Re-Grids

Introducing DJ Re-Grids – a new range that’s guaranteed to change the way you play music! 

DJ Re-Grids brings you classic, original tracks re-engineered to deliver fixed-tempo, quantized beatgrids, which will allow you to easily and seamlessly blend those (previously) difficult or even ‘unmixable’ tracks, add digitally accurate hot-cues for fast navigation and triggering for innovative live mixing.

Mastermix launches this brand new series with a 50-strong unmixed collection, spanning 5 decades of musical genres and styles. 

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee:

“Here at Mastermix, as well as being working DJs ourselves, we’ve always got our ear to the ground with regard to trends within the DJ industry, and this year all the talk has been around having fixed-tempo, quantized tracks to give DJs the flexibility to unlock their creativity. So as ever, we’ve done the hard work for you! Mastermix is created for DJs, by DJs”.

To deliver this project, Mastermix have called on the expertise of producer, remixer and industry legend, Paul Dakeyne who alongside his team has crafted each production to give you maximum playability. 

Paul explains the key to Re-Grids: 

“First of all, any DJ that has a track that they are hesitant to mix due to the beats slipping because of live drums or old production techniques, this removes that problem instantly. Secondly, because the beat-grid is locked on, you can add positional cue points for jumping to a specific place, or setting up a loop or doing some re-triggers, and it unlocks a whole new level of live mixing for you”.

DJ Paul Dakeyne holding DJ headphones image on Mastermix website

All DJ Re-Grid tracks are also freshly levelled and mastered to sound pristine in quality, with attention given to correct any ‘DJ standard’, 4/4 beat/bar deviations plus improving intros/outros and sections where needed for easier, more creative DJ mixing!

When developing new concepts, the Mastermix team sends sample tracks to trusted DJs for their honest feedback. Here’s professional DJ Brian Mole, after roadtesting the Re-Grid version of ‘Mr. Brightside’: 

“This is a perfect ‘drunken singalong anthem’ which more or less every crowd wants to hear near the end of a party. However, the quality of the recording is not good, and it’s painful for us DJs to hear it. When Rich sent me a Re-Grid of Mr Brightside to test, I was quite excited. Comparing it at home, it looked like the original waveform with the lyrics in the same place, so not a remix. It sounded better too, so I tried it out live for the first time at a party using a proper sound system. BOOOOM! What a difference, this is the first time I had a smile on my face playing this, and I didn’t reach for the headphones to try and isolate the nasty frequencies of the original”. 

Download DJ Re-Grids Collection 1 now in MP3 and WAV format, and for more Re-Grid tracks check out DKYN Re-Grids & Beats 1.