Legendary DJ and Producer Ben Liebrand Joins Mastermix

Ben Liebrand press shot close up of Ben's face his hands holding his sunglasses to his eyes

Mastermix, the leading provider of innovative music concepts and specialist products for DJs, is thrilled to announce the addition of legendary DJ and music producer Ben Liebrand to their renowned platform.

With a career spanning over four decades, Ben Liebrand has established himself as a pioneer in the music industry. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, Liebrand has mixed, remixed, and reworked over 800 titles. He was among the first to introduce the concept of multiple artist megamixes, noted for their extended running times and intricate craftsmanship. His annual Grandmixes, starting in 1983, have been heralded as true moments in dance music history, with his work influencing and kickstarting the careers of many notable contemporary DJs.

Liebrand’s influence on the dance music scene is profound, with his solo albums and Grandmix series achieving massive success. To this day, Liebrand still produces multi-format analogue and digital releases of ground breaking productions, both unique and highly collectible.

Mastermix has been, and remains, a trusted name among professional DJs since 1986, delivering creative mixed music concepts, unmixed compilations, and specialised products designed to enhance DJ sets and events. The addition of Ben Liebrand to the Mastermix family underscores the company’s commitment to quality and innovation in the DJ industry.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Ben Liebrand to Mastermix,” said Paul Dakeyne, Head of A&R for Mastermix. “Ben’s unparalleled status in the industry, his expertise and groundbreaking productions will undoubtedly enrich our offerings and inspire our community of DJs.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Mastermix as it continues to deliver top-tier music products and services to DJs and is set to bring new dimensions of innovation and creativity to Mastermix’s already impressive portfolio.

Launch Date: 28th June 2024.