Issue 414: December 2020


10 exclusive individual mixes for DJ use only including Get Your Rock On!, 4-Play: 90s Party Groove, Disco: Re-Imagined, When The Sun Goes Down & Mastermixed: Afrobeats. Buy the full album or download the individual mixes you require.


Mastermix – Get Your Rock On!

Mastermix – The Pop Train

Mastermix – 4-Play: 90s Party Groove

Mastermix – Brighter Days

Mastermix – Party Party Baby!

Tracklist 2

Mastermix – Disco: Re-Imagined

Mastermix – When The Sun Goes Down

Mastermix – Pride: The Mix

Mastermix – Mastermixed: Afrobeats

Mastermix – Triple Tracker: Chart Hits