What Are DJ Edits?

Mastermix DJ Dave Evans gives you the low down on the idea behind DJ Edits, the latest range to hit the Mastermix catalogue.

It seems that everything is getting smaller nowadays; Wagon Wheels, the amount of money left in your account at the end of month, DJ equipment (although I don’t miss the days of lugging around a pair of turntables and several crates of records) and even audience attention spans.

In this digital age people can flick from one song to another very quickly and, as a result, have shortened the amount of time before they get bored of a track being played by a DJ. This has an impact on the dancefloor as the crowd can potentially lose interest in songs and generally don’t want to hear 4 minutes of a single track anymore.


Summer Playlists

A range of summer playlists covering a variety of music styles and genres, perfect for outdoor events and DJ sets!

Mastermix have created a range of Summer collections including 4 albums compiled from the hugely popular DJ Beats range. Each track is a proven floorfiller with added intro and outro beats making mixing even easier and allowing DJs to create unique and innovative Summer playlists.


Top Ten Reggaeton Floorfillers for Mobile DJs

Reggaeton is a style of music featuring Latin & Caribbean vibes with a strong Hip Hop influence. This genre of music has been around since the 90s when it became huge in countries including Puerto Rico, Cuba & Columbia. Its popularity continued to grow across Latin American countries before exploding globally.

Here’s a quick reference of the top Reggaeton tracks for a mobile DJ to play, that will guarantee to fill the dancefloor!


Top Ten 80s Floorfillers

A list of Top Ten 80s floorfillers, compiled by Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee.

Use this list as inspiration for an 80s party playlist!

Wham! – I’m Your Man

This 1985 UK number one is a guaranteed 80s floorfiller whatever the occasion. It’s a brilliant upbeat sing-a-long track that appeals to everyone! The perfect 80s pop song from start to finish. 

Erasure – A Little Respect

When an act has such a large & impressive back catalogue it’s often difficult to pick one track but this one stands out head & shoulders and is always well received when played at any event or 80s theme night.

Spandau Ballet – Gold

This 1983 gem is a perfect Main Party or End Of Night track and is always accompanied by a sing-a-long from the audience. The steady intro builds before kicking in to the upbeat section and complete audience euphoria!

Madness – It Must Be Love

There are so many great tracks to choose from one of the biggest bands of the 80s, but it’s this 1981 classic that is included in our Top 10. Madness is a unique band whose appeal has spanned over 40 years and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax

The essential 80s song! If one track defined the decade it’s this one! Highly deserving of a place in our Top Ten 80s Floorfillers, it is simply perfect in every way!

Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

This track might be classed as a novelty song, but from the opening guitar riff, through the verse to the chorus…it has everything! Stick it on and let the audience do the rest!

Bryan Adams – Summer Of ’69

Turn the volume up a little higher to maximize on the intro to this pop rock classic that failed to hit the UK Top 40 but has become one of the decade’s most loved tracks! 

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

The best selling record of 1982 has, unfairly, been tagged as a novelty track by many DJs but this one is a must-play for any 80s set. Unique, innovative and that chorus…not to mention the slow breakdown that builds back up to the crescendo…boom!

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

This is often overlooked as an 80s track but this 1989 classic always hits the spot and allows other 80s dance hits to follow including ‘Ride On Time’ & ‘The Only Way Is Up’.

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

This is your DJ insurance policy. The one song that ensures a full dancefloor…usually dancing around a large pile of handbags! It’s the ultimate 80s pop floorfiller!

How does our Top Ten 80s Floorfillers match up to yours? Which tracks do you agree with, and which alternatives do you have? Let us know on our Facebook Page

Top Ten 90s Dance Floorfillers

With this list of the top ten 90s Dance floorfillers, Mastermix DJ Dave Evans takes us on a trip down memory lane into the world of 90s Dance…

What records do you still play from the 90’s that are certain dance anthems which people still love to jump onto the floor to? In no particular order, any of these would get a good reaction if you were asked to play some 90s Dance!

SL2 – On A Ragga Tip

Come on admit it, just reading the title already has you hearing the intro in your head. Infectious beat. Some partisans would say DJs Take Control is the better track but you can play this at any event and someone will start to dance to it. This should have been Number 1 instead of Deeply Dippy.

Robin S – Show Me Love

When Robin Stone first released this track (Montego Mix, big hints of Jocelyn Brown to it) in 1990 there was no indication that it would become one of the most successful and remixed dance records of all time. Whether you go for the classic Stonebridge mix or one of the 100’s of remixes of it, you can find a version for virtually any genre. One that will never die.

N-Trance – Set You Free

Hands in the air! While it may not have had the commercial success of Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy, this rave anthem has certainly outlived its rival on the dancefloor. With its uplifting vocal intro and big beats, this track is a sure-fire winner for the dancefloor.

Livin’ Joy – Don’t Stop Movin’

Yes, not Dreamer. For me this is the better record, it’s tighter and compact, plus it has a better outro point if you don’t wish to use the entire track. Dreamer is an anthem but lingers a bit too long for me. A good alternative to have from the same group.

Deee-Lite – Groove Is in The Heart

Released in 1990, this is my joint single of the decade along with Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy. It’s everything a dance record should be, great vibe, funky beats, sing-a-long vocals, Bootsy Collins and it makes you smile. What more could you want from a dance song?

Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

For me, this and the next track sum up the mid 90’s dance scene. The Balearic scene was really blowing up commercially and this track captures more of the fluid side of the dancefloor. Instead of being a “hands up” (see the next track) belter, The Nightcrawlers gently ease you onto the floor without you knowing it and will not let you go till it’s finished…

The Original – I Luv U Baby

By comparison, The Original comes screeching out of the speakers within the first 5 seconds, hits the strings and picks you up by the hands throwing you onto the floor. A true house record with an almost gospel chorus to it. This records still sounds fresh even 24 years after it was first released.

M People – Moving On Up

Taking away the “are they a pop or dance band” debate (they had Hacienda’s Mick Pickering, they are a dance group), M People made some brilliant records. Elegant Slumming contained some cultured tracks and none more than Moving On Up. Heather Small’s vocal is instantly recognisable and the horns are crisp. This may be one more for the over 30s than the teen market nowadays but it is a top ten 90s Dance floorfiller for those who know it.

Faithless – Insomnia

I have one DJ bucket list item; to play Insomnia at St Pauls Cathedral in the dark with a laser show. As a dance anthem though, this record is a bit of an oddity; the first minute you can’t really use as it has no beat. The main verse is quite slow but…
Nothing else needs saying.

Vengaboys – We Like To Party!

Is this a 90s dance record or cheese? Depends how you look at it. Up and Down was a dance record and in Europe the Vengaboys are treated as a dance group so it goes in the list. Don’t believe me that it’s a dance tune? Put it on, watch your audience and tell me after that it isn’t. It’s deserving of a place in the top ten 90s dance floorfillers!

It’s hard to pick out 10 from a decade where there was so many great dance records but hopefully this list of my top ten 90s Dance floorfillers is a sure fire quick win.

Now where are my glow sticks, I’ve got a Vengabus to catch to get to an S Club Party…

mastermix 100 collection 90s dance floorfillers album black with red and white text

The 100 Collection: 90s

This premium collection contains the biggest hits of a chosen genre in one DJ friendly package.

The 100 Collection 90s / 00s Dance features a Warm Up, Main Party & End Of Night section that includes the right balance of songs for the perfect night.

DJ Beats Collection 90s Dance

For the full set of 90s Dance DJ Beats, check out the Collection!

Featuring 50 of the best Dance tracks of the 90s with added 8 bar intro and outro beats, for a bargain price!

The collection includes tracks from Adamski, Brainbug, Da Hool, Chad Jackson, JX, Nightcrawlers, Run DMC, Strike, Wamdue Project and loads more.