How to Make TV Themes Work in a DJ Set


Mastermix DJ Pete Sherriff chats about how to make TV Themes work in a DJ set and how he uses them to create those ‘ooh’ moments…

I thought I would put a short blog together about using TV Themes. This isn’t something to be sniffed at so much as embraced – everyone watches TV! From the “duff duff” on Eastenders to the “Now this is a story…” of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, everyone loves a theme tune and they are becoming more popular to use at gigs and events.



Top Ten Theme Songs That Became Chart Hits

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee lists the Top Ten theme songs that made it into the UK Top 40 charts and became hits in their own right!

A TV theme tune can be as memorable as a classic track from a well known artist. Theme songs have the same power to evoke memories of times and places in our lives and can work well in many DJ sets.

In fact, the popularity of a good theme tune is reflected in the fact that some of the best have even made it into the UK charts during their time on screen.