Introducing Jet Boot Jack

He’s the man who’s become known to many as ‘The Bootleg King’. A DJ & Music Producer with an illustrious career under his belt that includes creating 100’s of remixes, mash ups & mixes as well as performing DJ sets at some of the most luxurious venues around the world. His name is… Jet Boot Jack!

DJs have always enjoyed adding exclusive remixes, mash ups & mixes to their music library and Jet Boot Jack is a music producer favoured by many DJs around the world thanks to his innovative productions and creative style. He takes classic tracks and creates new & exciting versions that can be added to a DJ set and take the energy levels to new heights on the dancefloor. From 70s disco to current pop tracks, and everything in between, Jet Boot Jack will work his magic on almost any music style to deliver alternate versions for DJs to use as part of their sets.

Mastermix have teamed up with Jet Boot Jack to offer a selection of his best remixes & mash ups. Each digital album features 15 productions including some exclusive tracks that have previously been unavailable anywhere else.

The remixes are offered as both MP3 & WAV format and we’ll be releasing new Jet Boot Jack content regularly to build an extensive range of DJ remixes & mash ups!

Check out the full range of Jet Boot Jack products here and look out for new content each month as well as some exciting education content featuring Jet Boot Jack in the studio.

Mastermix vs. Jet Boot Jack… get on board!