Best Of Triple Trackers 2


Mastermix Triple Trackers are exclusive 3-track mixes that have proved hugely popular with DJs to add as part of their sets.

Mixes include Pop Party, Funky Disco, Dance Covers, Disney & Pop Rock, as well as a solid collection of single artist Triple Trackers from the likes of Khalid, Soul II Soul, Michael Jackson and ABBA – Reimagined. 

The Triple Trackers in this collection have been compiled from archive Mastermix Issues.

Mixed. Expletive Free.

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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime 
1 Triple Tracker: Dance FloorfillersMastermix126-1309:39MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
2 Triple Tracker: Justin BieberMastermix1009:50MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
3 Triple Tracker: Robin Schulz (Remixed)Mastermix12310:11MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
4 Triple Tracker: Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachineMastermix1269:43MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
5 Triple Tracker: DrakeMastermix104-1189:22MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
6 Triple Tracker: Summer CoversMastermix12811:20MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
7 Triple Tracker: Little MixMastermix1269:47MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
8 Triple Tracker: Four TopsMastermix120-1287:22MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
9 Triple Tracker: KhalidMastermix69-80-716:48MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
10 Triple Tracker: Bruno, Bobby & Bell Biv DevoeMastermix1057:24MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
11 Triple Tracker: 00s Pop PartyMastermix167-1957:34MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
12 Triple Tracker: DisneyMastermix90-1038:38MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
13 Triple Tracker: Pop RockMastermix140-1568:51MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
14 Triple Tracker: Kool & the Gang - ReimaginedMastermix12210:31MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
15 Triple Tracker: Michael Jackson - King Of New Jack SwingMastermix108-1168:30MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
16 Triple Tracker: ABBA - ReimaginedMastermix1239:53MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
17 Triple Tracker: Pop PartyMastermix110-13410:08MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
18 Triple Tracker: CrazibizaMastermix1259:53MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
19 Triple Tracker: Jackin' HouseMastermix1268:58MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
20 Triple Tracker: Hip House PartyMastermix1308:42MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
21 Triple Tracker: Michael Jackson - ReimaginedMastermix122-1287:59MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
22 Triple Tracker: Funky DiscoMastermix125-1277:12MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
23 Triple Tracker: Wedding 1Mastermix110-1099:51MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
24 Triple Tracker: 90s Dance (12")Mastermix12415:15MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
25 Triple Tracker: ColdplayMastermix125-1387:50MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
26 Triple Tracker: The Boy Does MamboMastermix17410:01MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
27 Triple Tracker: Barry WhiteMastermix110-1157:23MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
28 Triple Tracker: Soul II SoulMastermix93-1019:54MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
29 Triple Tracker: Dance CoversMastermix1278:28MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
30 Triple Tracker: Let's Rock 1Mastermix11610:36MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
Triple Tracker: Dance Floorfillers
0:00 / 09:39
126-130 BPM


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