DJ Beats 94


Classic hits with added intro & outro beats for DJ use only. Create innovative DJ sets with unique versions of the biggest floorfillers of all time. DJ Beats 94 features tracks from Transvision Vamp, Grace, Mariah Carey and Tomcraft.

Unmixed. Expletive Free.

  • BPM: Varied
  • Running time: 00:57:39
  • Type: Unmixed
  • Tags: DJ Beats
  • SKU: CD1568
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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime 
1 Baby I Don't Care (DJ Beats)Transvision Vamp11804:15MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
2 The Twist (Yo, Twist) (DJ Beats)Fat Boys with Chubby Checker15704:19MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
3 Flaming June (BT & PVD Edit) (DJ Beats)BT13804:00MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
4 Wagon Wheel (DJ Beats)Darius Rucker14805:01MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
5 Not Over Yet (DJ Beats)Grace13104:34MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
6 Bullet In The Gun (DJ Beats)Planet Perfecto13703:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
7 Bad Boys (DJ Beats)Inner Circle8803:58MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
8 Don't Mess With My Man (DJ Beats)Lucy Pearl10603:49MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
9 Obsessed (DJ Beats)Mariah Carey8704:49MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
10 Salt (DJ Beats)Ava Max12803:21MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
11 Boss Bitch (DJ Beats)Doja Cat12602:35MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
12 Loneliness (DJ Beats)Tomcraft13203:07MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
13 On The Beach (DJ Beats)York13803:37MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
14 Operation Blade (Bass In The Place...) (DJ Beats)Public Domain14003:26MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
15 Protect Your Mind (For The Love Of A Princess) (DJ Beats)DJ Sakin & Friends13603:09MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
Baby I Don't Care (DJ Beats)
Transvision Vamp
0:00 / 04:15
118 BPM


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