DJ Beats Collection: 90s Dance 1

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DJ Beats Collection: 90s Dance contains the biggest dance hits of the 90s with added intro & outro beats allowing you to create innovative sets for your audiences.

This collection has been compiled from the original DJ Beats range with tracks in alphabetical order (artist) and feature the greatest DJ floorfillers of all time.

Unmixed. Expletive Free.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime 
1 Killer (DJ Beats)Adamski1204:43MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
2 Don't Give Me Your Life (DJ Beats)Alex Party1283:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
3 Professional Widow (It's Got To Be Big) (DJ Beats)Tori Amos1283:57MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
4 9pm (Till I Come) (DJ Beats)ATB1353:07MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
5 I'm Gonna Get You (DJ Beats)Bizarre Inc. feat. Angie Brown1273:34MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
6 You Should Be... (DJ Beats)Blockster1304:00MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
7 Naked In The Rain (DJ Beats)Blue Pearl1154:34MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
8 Nightmare (Sinister Strings Radio Edit) (DJ Beats)Brainbug1343:54MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
9 The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (DJ Beats)Kenny Dope presents the Bucketheads1263:06MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
10 Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (DJ Beats)C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams1134:34MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
11 Things That Make You Go Hmmm... (DJ Beats)C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams1144:37MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
12 Move On Baby (DJ Beats)Cappella1334:01MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
13 Rhythm Of The Night (DJ Beats)Corona1294:06MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
14 Mr Vain (DJ Beats)Culture Beat1334:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
15 Meet Her At The Love Parade (DJ Beats)Da Hool1334:28MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
16 Around The World (DJ Beats)Daft Punk1224:30MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
17 Groove Is In The Heart (DJ Beats)Deee-Lite1214:21MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
18 It's My Life (DJ Beats)Dr. Alban1294:24MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
19 Blue (Da Ba Dee) (DJ Beats)Eiffel 651285:09MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
20 God Is A DJ (DJ Beats)Faithless1303:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
21 Insomnia (DJ Beats)Faithless1273:55MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
22 Right Here, Right Now (DJ Beats)Fatboy Slim1254:16MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
23 Don't You Want Me (Hooj Mix Edit) (DJ Beats)Felix1283:24MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
24 Love Can't Turn Around (DJ Beats)Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk feat. Jessie Saunders1233:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
25 Freed From Desire (DJ Beats)Gala1294:02MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
26 What Is Love (DJ Beats)Haddaway1244:18MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
27 Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) (DJ Beats)Chad Jackson1084:13MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
28 Get Get Down (DJ Beats)Paul Johnson1273:36MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
29 Son Of A Gun (DJ Beats)JX1303:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
30 Rhythm Is A Mystery (DJ Beats)K-Klass1214:01MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
31 The Nighttrain (DJ Beats)Kadoc1403:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
32 3 A.M. Eternal (DJ Beats)KLF feat. The Children Of The Revolution1203:53MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
33 Dreamer (DJ Beats)Livin' Joy1273:56MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
34 Children (DJ Beats)Robert Miles1374:28MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
35 Free (DJ Beats)Ultra Naté1254:38MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
36 Push The Feeling On (DJ Beats)Nightcrawlers1234:12MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
37 Insanity (DJ Beats)Oceanic1224:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
38 I Luv U Baby (DJ Beats)Original1274:06MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
39 Turn Around (DJ Beats)Phats & Small present Mutant Disco1323:54MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
40 I Like To Move It (DJ Beats)Reel 2 Real feat. the Mad Stuntman1234:21MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
41 It's Like That (DJ Beats)Run-DMC vs. Jason Nevins1294:01MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
42 Show Me Love (DJ Beats)Robin S1203:30MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
43 Encore Une Fois (DJ Beats)Sash!1344:09MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
44 On A Ragga Tip (DJ Beats)SL21403:56MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
45 Rhythm Is A Dancer (DJ Beats)Snap!1244:11MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
46 U Sure Do (DJ Beats)Strike1284:02MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
47 Keep On Jumpin' (DJ Beats)Todd Terry presents Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown1243:51MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
48 Eighteen Strings (DJ Beats)Tinman1254:12MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
49 Get Ready For This (DJ Beats)2 Unlimited1253:18MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
50 King Of My Castle (DJ Beats)Wamdue Project1283:51MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
Killer (DJ Beats)
0:00 / 04:43
120 BPM

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  1. Richard Parsons (verified owner)

    High quality wav, made queuing super quick on the old tracks that majority tend to start on a intro when your need to skip through and find a cue point

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