Essential Hits: 70s Soul Reimagined


The Essential Hits range features 50 track albums from a chosen music style.

Essential Hits: 70s Soul Reimagined includes a selection of classic 70s Soul tracks to add to your DJ music library. For DJ use only.

Unmixed. Expletive Free.

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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime 
1 I'll Be Around (Mike Maurro 10" Acetate Remix)Detroit Spinners1147:06MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
2 Let No Man Put Asunder (12" Shep Pettibone Remix)First Choice1127:58MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
3 Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (Eric Kupper Classic Extended Vocal Mix)McFadden & Whitehead1178:38MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
4 The Love I Lost (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend)Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes12811:40MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
5 TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) (Tracy Young Mix)MFSB feat. The Three Degrees1185:18MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
6 Only The Strong Survive (J*Ski Re-Edit)Billy Paul1258:18MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
7 The More I Get, The More I Want (John Morales M+M Mix)Teddy Pendergrass1217:48MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
8 You Can't Hide From Yourself (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend)Teddy Pendergrass1238:55MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
9 Let's Clean Up The Ghetto (Danny Krivit Mix)Philadelphia International All-Stars1219:48MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
10 You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Remix)Lou Rawls1207:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
11 Don't Let It Go To Your Head (Album Version)Jean Carn1064:51MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
12 Rubberband Man (Album Version)Detroit Spinners1007:22MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
13 Everyman (Has To Carry His Own Weight) (Joe Claussell 12" Disco Version)Double Exposure1069:56MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
14 My Love Is Free (Album Version)Double Exposure1147:37MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
15 Ten Percent (Walter Gibbons 12" Disco Mix)Double Exposure1259:43MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
16 I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (Album Version)Inner Life1107:25MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
17 I'll Always Love My Mama (Album Version)Intruders1206:36MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
18 Are You Ready For Love (1979 Remix - Full Length)Elton John1177:42MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
19 Bad Luck (Tom Moulton Mix)Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes1197:57MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
20 Wake Up Everybody (Long Version)Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes987:31MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
21 Love Is The Message (12" Vocal Version)MFSB feat. the Three Degrees1186:45MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
22 Only The Strong Survive (Album Version)Billy Paul1305:36MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
23 Your Song (Album Version)Billy Paul1306:32MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
24 Let's Clean Up The Ghetto (12" Version)Philadelphia International All-Stars1228:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
25 Let Me Be Good To You (12" Version)Lou Rawls1185:25MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
26 Found A Cure (Tom Moulton Mix)Ashford & Simpson12410:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
27 Let's Groove (Tom Moulton Mix)Archie Bell & The Drells11710:21MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
28 Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (Tom Moulton Mix)Detroit Spinners1096:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
29 My Love Is Free (Tom Moulton 12" Disco Version)Double Exposure1149:40MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
30 I'll Always Love My Mama (Tom Moulton Mix)Intruders1229:42MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
31 (Win, Place Or Show) She's A Winner (Tom Moulton Mix)Intruders1217:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
32 Don't Leave Me This Way (Tom Moulton Mix)Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes12811:00MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
33 Love Is The Message (Tom Moulton Mix)MFSB feat. the Three Degrees11711:25MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
34 TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (Tom Moulton Mix)MFSB feat. the Three Degrees1165:43MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
35 Back Stabbers (Tom Moulton Mix)O'Jays1239:37MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
36 I Love Music (Tom Moulton Remix)O'Jays1289:40MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
37 Love Train (Tom Moulton Mix)O'Jays1266:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
38 Do It Anyway You Wanna (Tom Moulton Mix)People's Choice1125:35MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
39 You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Tom Moulton Mix)Lou Rawls1119:57MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
40 Dirty Ol' Man (Tom Moulton Mix)Three Degrees1218:18MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
41 When Will I See You Again (Tom Moulton Mix)Three Degrees1205:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
42 Year Of Decision (Tom Moulton Mix)Three Degrees1256:45MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
43 Rubber Band (Tom Moulton Mix)Trammps985:17MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
44 Trammps Disco Theme / Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (Tom Moulton Remix)Trammps1246:41MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
45 Love Is You (Tom Moulton Mix)Carol Williams1227:50MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
46 Back Stabbers (Instrumental)MFSB1176:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
47 Family Affair (Instrumental)MFSB1214:20MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
48 Love Is The Message (Instrumental)MFSB1146:36MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
49 Philadelphia Freedom (Instrumental)MFSB1306:00MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
50 Use Ta Be My Guy (Instrumental)MFSB1175:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
I'll Be Around (Mike Maurro 10" Acetate Remix)
Detroit Spinners
0:00 / 07:06
114 BPM


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