Essential Hits: 90s & 00s Dance 6


The Essential Hits range features 50 track albums from a chosen music style.

Essential Hits: 90s/00s Dance 6 includes a selection of classic 90s Rave and 00s Trance tracks to add to your DJ music library. For DJ use only.

This album features selected tracks from the limited edition 90s/00s Dance USB.

Unmixed. Expletive Free.

Territorial restrictions may apply. 

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime 
1 Activ 8 (Come With Me) (Holocaust 7" Edit)Altern 81303:31MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
2 2√231 (House Mix)Anticappella1233:38MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
3 Let Me Be Your FantasyBaby D1353:50MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
4 Is There Anybody Out There? (Original Edit)Bassheads1213:28MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
5 Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix - Radio Edit)Bizarre Inc.1313:19MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
6 Everything Starts With An 'E' (Edit)E-Zee Possee feat. MC Kinky1203:36MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
7 High (Original Mix Edit)Hyper Go Go1273:06MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
8 The Bouncer (7" Edit)Kicks Like A Mule1353:12MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
9 Sweet Harmony (Original Mix)Liquid1354:23MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
10 Out Of My Head (Edit)Marradonna1243:24MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
11 InsanityOceanic1224:01MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
12 ChimeOrbital1213:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
13 Injected With A Poison (Digital Orgasm Radio Mix)Praga Khan feat. Jade 4 U1403:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
14 Charly (Alley Cat Mix 7" Edit)Prodigy1313:35MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
15 Everybody In The Place (Fairground Edit)Prodigy1373:51MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
16 Quadrophonia (Remix)Quadrophonia1293:48MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
17 Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)Shamen1213:28MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
18 On A Ragga Tip (Edit)SL21403:43MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
19 Sesame's Treet (Edit)Smart E's1453:31MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
20 Joy (Mondo's Pussycat Radio Edit)Staxx1343:48MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
21 Real Love '93 (7" Mix)Time Frequency1303:44MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
22 Hardcore Uproar (Radio Edit)Together1213:45MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
23 Born Slippy (.NUXX - Short)Underworld1404:17MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
24 Something GoodUtah Saints1273:31MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
25 Higher State Of Consciousness (Original Tweekin' Acid Funk Edit)Josh Wink1263:06MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
26 Take Me Away (Into The Night) (Original Vocal Edit)4 Strings1383:11MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
27 On The Move (Radio Edit)Barthezz1433:34MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
28 Beautiful (Matt Darey's Radio Edit)Matt Darey feat. Marcella Woods1373:37MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
29 Sandstorm (Radio Edit)Darude1363:45MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
30 Fly Away (Extended Radio Edit)Vincent De Moor1385:49MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
31 Pitchin' (In Every Direction) (Original Version)Hi-Gate1385:22MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
32 Be Cool (Radio Edit)Paffendorf1413:09MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
33 Chase The Sun (Radio Edit)Planet Funk1283:42MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
34 ResuRection (Radio Mix)PPK1403:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
35 Airwave (Radio Edit)Rank 11362:57MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
36 Alright (Brad Carter Radio Edit)Red Carpet1263:27MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
37 Need To Feel Loved (Radio Edit)Reflekt feat. Delline Bass1303:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
38 Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Radio Edit)Safri Duo1383:02MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
39 Luvstruck (Radio Edit)Southside Spinners1383:16MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
40 Time To BurnStorm1422:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
41 You Take My Beath Away (Radio Edit)SuReal1383:19MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
42 Synaesthesia (Fly Away)Thrillseekers feat. Sheryl Deane1383:47MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
43 Adagio For Strings (Radio Edit)Tiësto1403:25MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
44 Castles In The SkyIan Van Dahl1403:11MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
45 Blood Is Pumpin'Voodoo & Serano1373:23MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
46 The Theme (Radio Edit)Jurgen Vries1363:07MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
47 WarriorWarrior1382:54MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
48 Heart Of Asia (DJ Quicksilver's Radio Edit)Watergate1373:07MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
49 On The BeachYork1383:15MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
50 Kernkraft 400Zombie Nation1403:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
Activ 8 (Come With Me) (Holocaust 7" Edit)
Altern 8
0:00 / 03:31
130 BPM


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