Mash Ups ‘n’ Blends Volume 01


Mash Ups ‘n’ Blends Volume 1 includes 10 individual mixes featuring innovative production techniques to deliver a combination of fast-moving, cut-up style blends and creative 2-track mash ups.

Each mix has been skilfully produced for DJs to add to their sets and create unique sets for their audiences.

This collection has been produced by Shahar Vashal who we welcome to the Mastermix platform to join the ever-growing array of global talent.

Unmixed. Expletive Free.

Territorial restrictions may apply.

  • BPM: Varied
  • SKU: MDJ2038
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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Upside Funk (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1244:20
2 Smalltown Habits (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1283:29
3 Rap Dancin' (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1163:49
4 Rock The Bossa Nova! (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1043:03
5 Hotline Mash (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1353:20
6 Tarzan In Japan (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1133:36
7 Fresh Talk (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1203:19
8 Miami Beats (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1204:33
9 Last Cake To London (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1223:48
10 It's Boogie Time! (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)Mastermix1263:41
Upside Funk (Shahar Varshal Mash Up)
0:00 / 04:20
124 BPM


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