Produced By Dakeyne: Remixes 1 – Extended

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Paul Dakeyne is an international DJ/Producer and studio/tech innovator. He gained global success in 1994 with his dance classic ‘Eighteen Strings’ under the guise of ‘Tinman’ and has DJ’d for the likes of U2, Kraftwerk, BBC Essential Mix and the ‘Ministry of Sound’.

Paul has teamed up with Mastermix to create an exciting new range of lovingly crafted, exclusive remixes and concept tracks to add to your DJ sets. Each track is a classic hit that has been completely re-worked to deliver an innovative, fresh new version. 

Produced By Dakeyne: Remixes 1 – Extended features the extended versions allowing you and your audiences to enjoy the full production of these stunning remixes. 

Unmixed. Expletive Free.


  • BPM: Varied
  • Running time: :59:27
  • Genre(s): 80s, Dance, Pop Dance
  • Type: Unmixed
  • Tags: Dakeyne
  • SKU: CD1810
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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Professional Widow (It's Got To Be Big) (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Extended)Tori Amos1266:25
2 Daddy Cool (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Crazy Like A Dub - Extended)Boney M.1245:42
3 Daddy Cool (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Spirit Of '76 Mix - Extended)Boney M.1245:56
4 Searching (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Extended)Change1268:38
5 A Forest (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Razormaiden's Lost In The Forest Remix - Extended)Cure1595:32
6 Caravan Of Love (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Extended)Housemartins1165:47
7 Careless Whisper (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Extended)George Michael1266:24
8 Flat Beat (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Phlat Remix - Extended)Mr. Oizo1264:07
9 Feelin' Blue (Monday) (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Extended)New Order1275:31
10 Fade To Grey (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Extended)Visage1195:25
Professional Widow (It's Got To Be Big) (Paul Dakeyne Remix - Extended)
Tori Amos
0:00 / 06:25
126 BPM

4 reviews for Produced By Dakeyne: Remixes 1 – Extended

  1. daniel.wingmalm

    This is just super… This man is a geunius

  2. Paul Radmore (verified owner)

    DKYN you are an absolute legend! Loving the following tracks so much right now…careless whisper, searching and oh not to mention daddy cool ….ofcourse it had to be the 76 version LOVE IT!!! Extended tracks you can have so much fun with as well!

  3. Justin Preston

    These really are extremely special, as a DJ and also a Producer these seriously tick every box for me and can honestly say that I can see any DJ playing these!

    In my opinion Paul Dakeyne is an industry legend, an inspiration and also someone to look up to, Paul and Mastermix have once again RAISED THE BAR and have released these new incredible collections.

    I can’t stop playing “Change”, “Careless Whisper” and, “Caravan of Love” – Do yourself a favour and grab these, they are off the scale!!!


  4. berkery.stewart (verified owner)

    Randomly picked a track and it felt like being a judge on the voice. You know when one of the judges instantly hits the button and turns within the first 3 seconds. Boom! You know your onto a winner instantly. Wow! Quickly had to jump on all the other tracks & very much blown away. These I cannot wait to hit play to see the excitement on the crowd’s face. Oh boy…. Are they in for a real treat and something spectacular. Thank you….

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