DJ “S” Remixes 1 – Edits

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The Mastermix team is thrilled to announce that DJ “S” joins the Mastermix platform.

DJ “S” stands out as not only a remarkable DJ but also as one of the foremost producers in the industry, boasting a distinctive sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

DJ “S” Remixes 1 features 10 beautiful reworks of classic tracks from Jocelyn Brown, Kool & the Gang, Luther Vandross, George Michael and more. 

This collection features exclusive edits of each DJ “S” remix to deliver shorter, punchier versions of each remix for when you want to create a faster-moving DJ set.

For DJ use only. Unmixed. Expletive free. 

Territorial restrictions apply: you may not be able to purchase this product in your territory.

  • BPM: Varied
  • Running time: :33:15
  • SKU: MDJ2003
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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 You Should Be Dancing (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Bee Gees1242:54
2 Somebody Else's Guy (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Jocelyn Brown1033:09
3 Last Train To London (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Electric Light Orchestra1213:49
4 Respect (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Aretha Franklin1143:08
5 Too Hot (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Kool & the Gang1053:06
6 Fastlove (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)George Michael1043:32
7 Miss You (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Rolling Stones1093:08
8 Why Did You Do It (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Stretch983:24
9 Never Too Much (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)Luther Vandross1113:32
10 Don't Stop The Music (DJ "S" Remix - Mastermix Exclusive - Edit)Yarbrough & Peoples1013:33
You Should Be Dancing (DJ "S" Remix - Edit)
Bee Gees
0:00 / 02:54
124 BPM

2 reviews for DJ “S” Remixes 1 – Edits

  1. aaron.purkiss

    This is quite simply absolutely fantastic!! DJ S has been around for a few years now but to be able to get these tracks to play along side the other producer ranges and the Re Grids too, absolute gold for my DJ sets!!!

  2. DJ Funkykik

    DJ ‘S’ is the only reason why I am a Old DJ since 2019. Seeing him live was just amazing and his choices of songs is pure joys to listen.

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