Essential Hits: 90s & 00s Dance 5


The Essential Hits range features 50 track albums from a chosen music style.

Essential Hits: 90s/00s Dance 5 includes a selection of classic 90s Trance and 90s/00s Euro Dance tracks to add to your DJ music library. For DJ use only.

This album features selected tracks from the limited edition 90s/00s Dance USB.

Unmixed. Expletive Free.

Territorial restrictions may apply. 

  • BPM: Varied
  • Running time: 3:07:57
  • Genre(s): 90s, 00s, Trance, Eurodance
  • Type: Unmixed
  • Tags: Essential Hits
  • SKU: CD1891
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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime 
1 Passion (Wand Mix Edit)Amen! UK1383:25MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
2 9PM (Till I Come)ATB1352:42MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
3 Seven Days And One Week (Radio Edit)B.B.E.1384:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
4 1999 (Gouryella Remix)Binary Finary1387:04MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
5 Put Your Hands UpBlack & White Brothers1283:42MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
6 Nightmare (Sinister Strings Radio Edit)Brainbug1343:27MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
7 Flaming June (BT & PVD Edit)BT1383:45MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
8 SaltwaterChicane feat. Máire Brennan1313:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
9 Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Radio Edit)Da Hool1334:13MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
10 Silence (Airscape Remix - Edit)Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan1363:49MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
11 The Launch (Radio Edit)DJ Jean1363:13MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
12 BellissimaDJ Quicksilver1363:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
13 Protect Your Mind (For The Love Of A Princess)DJ Sakin & Friends1363:12MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
14 Café Del Mar '98 (Original Three 'n' One Edit)Energy 521333:51MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
15 God Is A DJ (Radio Edit)Faithless1303:34MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
16 Gouryella (Radio Edit)Gouryella1383:37MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
17 Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)Grace1317:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
18 I Can't Help MyselfLucid1313:03MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
19 Children (Eat Me Edit)Robert Miles1374:03MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
20 Beachball (Tall Paul 7" Remix)Nalin & Kane1383:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
21 Lizard (Gonna Get You) (Radio Edit)Mauro Picotto1383:19MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
22 Bullet In The GunPlanet Perfecto1373:17MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
23 Encore Une Fois (Blunt Radio Edit)Sash!1343:48MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
24 Greece 2000 (Original Edit - Miro Vocal Version)Three Drives1323:12MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
25 For An Angel (PvD Angel In Heaven Radio Mix)Paul Van Dyk1383:53MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
26 Don't Give Me Your Life (Classic Edit)Alex Party1283:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
27 Now You're Gone (Radio Edit)Basshunter1482:29MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
28 U Got 2 Let The MusicCappella1353:37MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
29 The Rhythm Of The Night (Rapino Brothers Radio Version)Corona1283:33MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
30 Mr. Vain (Special Radio Edit)Culture Beat1334:17MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
31 HeavenDJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do1383:39MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
32 It's My LifeDr. Alban1294:00MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
33 Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Original Ice Pop Radio Edit)Eiffel 651284:44MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
34 Don't You Want Me (Hooj Mix Edit)Felix1283:07MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
35 Freed From Desire (Radio Edit)Gala1293:31MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
36 Give It Up (Radio Edit)Goodmen1253:28MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
37 What Is LoveHaddaway1243:57MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
38 Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka1373:46MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
39 Keep Warm (Original 7" Edit)Jinny1243:14MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
40 There's Nothing I Won't DoJX1354:27MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
41 Be My Lover (Radio Edit 1)La Bouche1353:52MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
42 DreamerLivin' Joy1273:38MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
43 Don't Call Me BabyMadison Avenue1243:47MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
44 Get-A-Way (Airplay Mix)Maxx1333:45MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
45 Another Night (Radio Mix)(MC Sar &) the Real McCoy1263:58MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
46 Call On MeEric Prydz1262:48MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
47 Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (7" Version)Rozalla1303:31MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
48 Rhythm Is A Dancer (7" Edit)Snap!1243:42MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
49 U Sure Do (Strike 7" Mix)Strike1283:50MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
50 I Can't Stand It (Bruce Forest Remix)Twenty 4 Seven feat. Captain Hollywood1223:26MP3£1.00WAV£1.00
Passion (Wand Mix Edit)
Amen! UK
0:00 / 03:25
138 BPM


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