Jet Boot Jack – Club Classics 2 – Extended


Jet Boot Jack Club Classics 2 – Extended is a stunning collection of individual remixes from the global DJ & Producer – Jet Boot Jack. Each track is a classic club anthem that has been reworked to give it a fresh, innovative sound that you and your audiences are going to love.

This volume features club tracks from David Morales pres. the Face, Yazz, Basement Jaxx, Atlantic Ocean & Nightcrawlers.

The remixes on this album are the full versions. 

For DJ use only. Unmixed. Expletive Free.

Territorial restrictions may apply.

  • BPM: Varied
  • Running time: 1:06:04
  • Type: Unmixed
  • Tags: Jet Boot Jack
  • SKU: CD1905
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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 You're Not Alone (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Olive1287:04
2 Peace (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Sabrina Johnston1226:46
3 Music Is Pumping (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)People Underground feat. Sharon Williams1275:53
4 Push The Feeling On (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Nightcrawlers1237:06
5 Needin' U (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)David Morales pres. the Face1296:46
6 Waterfall (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Atlantic Ocean1236:48
7 Calling 2 U (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Yazz1236:34
8 How Did You Know (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Kurtis Mantronik pres. Chamonix1266:15
9 Saturday (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Cunnie Williams feat. Monie Love1236:51
10 Love Bug (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)Ramsey & Fen feat. Lynsey Moore1246:01
You're Not Alone (Jet Boot Jack Remix - Extended)
0:00 / 07:04
128 BPM


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