Music For Food 1


Music For Food 1 contains 10 mixes carefully tracklisted & produced by Mastermix for you to programme them to play as part of your music selections for dinner service, buffets & other times when ambient music is required. A range of music styles make this collection a welcome addition to any DJ’s music library. For DJ Use Only

Mixed. Expletive Free.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime 
1 Music For Food pt.1 - Pop ClassicsMastermix93-10924:15MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
2 Music For Food pt.2 - DrivetimeMastermix93-11221:29MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
3 Music For Food pt.3 - Ambient ChilloutMastermix105-9024:16MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
4 Music For Food pt.4 - Smooth PopMastermix94-12625:48MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
5 Music For Food pt.5 - LegendsMastermix85-10923:24MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
6 Music For Food pt.6 - Cool PopMastermix82-10820:03MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
7 Music For Food pt.7 - Chilled Summer VibesMastermix88-10421:57MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
8 Music For Food pt.8 - Smooth GroovesMastermix98-11221:27MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
9 Music For Food pt.9 - Pop DanceMastermix92-10819:55MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
10 Under The Covers - Cool VibesMastermix85-11425:56MP3£3.50WAV£3.50
Music For Food pt.1 - Pop Classics
0:00 / 24:15
93-109 BPM


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