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Every month, Mastermix releases a new edition of the 4 principal product lines: The Issue, Pro Disc, DJ Beats and DJ Beats Chart.

By setting up a Mastermix subscription, DJs can benefit from getting the Issue, DJ Beats & DJ Beats Chart at a discounted rate, delivered directly to their account on release day. Pro Disc PLUS subscribers receive the monthly release PLUS an extra drop of tracks every week for the same price as the album alone.

Being a subscriber also automatically gives DJs 10% off all other downloads on the Mastermix website, both new releases and back catalogue, as well as other benefits and special offers.



Mastermix Issue no number on the sleeve

The Mastermix Issue features 10 brand new mixes by the Mastermix Production Team, covering a wide range of music styles and genres to suit all dancefloors.

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Mastermix pro disc no number on the sleeve

Pro Disc PLUS contains new, upfront and chart hits in radio edit form, delivered via a monthly album release PLUS a weekly drop of tracks every Thursday.

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The monthly DJ Beats release features the radio edits of the original tracks plus added beat-locked intro and outro beats, allowing for seamless transitions between songs.

Find out more about DJ Beats here. 


Mastermix DJ Beats Chart album with no number

DJ Beats Chart is the upfront version of DJ Beats, featuring the radio edits of new and forthcoming tracks with added beat-locked intro and outro beats.

Find out more about DJ Beats here. 




Subscribers automatically get 10% off non-subscription downloads on the Mastermix website.* No need to enter a code, the discount is applied automatically whilever you have an active subscription.



Subscribers are given an exclusive monthly offer with further discounts on Mastermix music ranges as well as other benefits.


Exclusive access to the Mastermix Subscribers Facebook Group to interact with the Mastermix team, get advanced tracklists and insider knowledge on future products.


Mastermix subscribers will be given early access to the limited edition USB collections, to place their order before they go on general pre-sale to the wider audience.


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