Renowned DJ & Producer DJ “S” Joins The Mastermix Platform

The Mastermix team is thrilled to announce that DJ “S” joins the Mastermix platform.

DJ “S” is a genuine ambassador of Soul, Funk, and Disco, hailing from Larissa, Greece. His DJ journey began in 1992 at an international DJ contest, where he not only showcased his prowess but also clinched the 3rd prize in the Greek leg of the contest in both ’92 and ’93, marking the inception of a brilliant career.

In 1996, DJ “S” joined forces with “Goin’ Through,” one of the most respected and long-standing Hip-Hop groups in Greece. Embarking on nationwide tours as their official DJ, he emerged not only as a skilled artist but also earned two golden plaques for his contributions as their music producer.

Over the years, DJ “S” honed his craft, evolving into a versatile music producer. His experimentation with vintage sounds and the revitalization of old classics through edits and remixes left an indelible mark, garnering widespread recognition on the internet and amassing thousands of dedicated followers on his YouTube Channel, which now boasts over 300k subscribers.

DJ “S” stands out as not only a remarkable DJ but also as one of the foremost producers in the industry, boasting a distinctive sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

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