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Introducing DJ Re-Grids

Introducing DJ Re-Grids – a new range that’s guaranteed to change the way you play music!  DJ Re-Grids brings you classic, original tracks re-engineered to deliver fixed-tempo, quantized beatgrids, which will allow you to easily and seamlessly blend those (previously) difficult or even ‘unmixable’ tracks, add digitally accurate hot-cues for fast navigation and triggering for […]

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Introducing Jet Boot Jack

He’s the man who’s become known to many as ‘The Bootleg King’. A DJ & Music Producer with an illustrious career under his belt that includes creating 100’s of remixes, mash ups & mixes as well as performing DJ sets at some of the most luxurious venues around the world. His name is… Jet Boot […]

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Lifting the Lid on Funky Disco Sessions

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee lifts the lid on the origins of the classic tracks featured in Funky Disco Sessions! The latest Sessions mix from Mastermix combines Nu Disco with Funky House dance covers and the result is Funky Disco Sessions! 20 tracks in a non-stop 60 minute mix that you & your audiences are […]

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Extended Versions of DJ Floorfillers

Label Manager Richard Lee focuses on extended versions of DJ floorfillers, which are making a reappearance in the Mastermix catalogue! We are continually asked to bring back older ranges from the Mastermix archives and recently received a lot of interest in Extended Floorfillers. This is a range of albums from the Mastermix back catalogue featuring […]

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Top Ten Mixes To Play At A Wedding

Wedding DJ Specialist and National Wedding DJ of the Year 2019, Alan Marshall, details his top ten selection of mixes to play at a Wedding. “Over the last six days, I performed at three weddings”. Let me say that again…”Over the last six days, I performed at three weddings”. Please understand it’s not to boast, […]

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Introducing The Mastermix Bounceback Range

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Given that DJs across the UK and Europe have been unable to work for over a year now due to the global COVID 19 pandemic, it’s only natural that many will have also pressed pause on their DJ music collections, depending on their circumstances in these strange times. But now the UK has a roadmap […]

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee introduces The Mastermix Collection The Mastermix Collection is a new range that delves into the Mastermix music vaults to collate the best mixes of all time into DJ friendly digital albums. Each album is themed and uses only those mixes that have stood the test of time. The mixes […]

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What Are DJ Edits?

It seems that everything is getting smaller nowadays; Wagon Wheels, the amount of money left in your account at the end of month, DJ equipment (although I don’t miss the days of lugging around a pair of turntables and several crates of records) and even audience attention spans.

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