Mastermix Proudly Announces the Appointment of Paul Dakeyne as Head of A&R. 

With an illustrious career deeply rooted in music production, remixing, and DJing, and having worked alongside the Mastermix team on various projects over recent years, Paul is now set to take the reins of the Artist and Repertoire division. In his own words:

“From knowing Richard and Helen for over a decade and more recently being involved from the sidelines with related activities and products, I’m excited to now officially join the Mastermix management team in my new position as Head of A&R. Part of my role will be to develop and showcase external Producer content (both new and established Artists) plus assist with expanding the available product/platform and user experience on the Mastermix website. In addition, I look forward to bringing more online content and livestreams, DJ/Community based resources and also participating in physical events around the UK and at Mastermix’s Tileyard North HQ.” 

Mastermix Head of Music Richard Lee adds, 

“We are delighted to have Paul on board in this crucial role for Mastermix. His unparalleled expertise and industry insight make him the perfect fit for leading our A&R division. I’ve known Paul personally for a number of years and always been a great admirer of his work, so to have him working alongside myself and the rest of the Mastermix team is a huge bonus. We have been carefully building our squad, strengthening our defence, bolstering our midfield and the addition of Paul to the line-up is the striker we have been looking for to push us forward”

The entire Mastermix team looks forward to the exciting collaborations and creative ventures that will undoubtedly emerge as Paul Dakeyne assumes his role as Head of A&R.

Mastermix has been a trailblazer in the DJ music industry for over 3 decades, with a commitment to pushing creative boundaries and consistently delivering groundbreaking musical concepts for professional DJs.

Renowned DJ & Producer DJ “S” Joins The Mastermix Platform

The Mastermix team is thrilled to announce that DJ “S” joins the Mastermix platform.

DJ “S” is a genuine ambassador of Soul, Funk, and Disco, hailing from Larissa, Greece. His DJ journey began in 1992 at an international DJ contest, where he not only showcased his prowess but also clinched the 3rd prize in the Greek leg of the contest in both ’92 and ’93, marking the inception of a brilliant career.

In 1996, DJ “S” joined forces with “Goin’ Through,” one of the most respected and long-standing Hip-Hop groups in Greece. Embarking on nationwide tours as their official DJ, he emerged not only as a skilled artist but also earned two golden plaques for his contributions as their music producer.

Over the years, DJ “S” honed his craft, evolving into a versatile music producer. His experimentation with vintage sounds and the revitalization of old classics through edits and remixes left an indelible mark, garnering widespread recognition on the internet and amassing thousands of dedicated followers on his YouTube Channel, which now boasts over 300k subscribers.

DJ “S” stands out as not only a remarkable DJ but also as one of the foremost producers in the industry, boasting a distinctive sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

Click here to visit the DJ “S” Mastermix Producer Page.

Follow DJ “S” on socials:

mastermix presents mx 90s rave 1 front cover

Multi-Genre Dance Music – Cleared for Online Use

You want ‘original’, high-quality dance and club-based music, across multiple-genres that sounds contemporary and recognisable PLUS you want to be able to feature these tracks in your social media posts, client content, podcasts, showreels and livestreams – but wait, you can’t. Facebook takedowns – YouTube blocks – Audio mutes – It’s a headache, right? Well, not anymore…

For so long in the DJ world, most attempts by DJs to add quality (and varied-genre) dance music to online platforms has been met with the frustration of ‘muted’ sections, full content-takedowns or upload blocks across global territories.

You want to be safe in the knowledge that any music you use will be genre and usage specific, modern and high-quality and sound as good and familiar to your audience as any contemporary DJ focused, digital release. AND that it’s cleared for global online use…

Mastermix Presents MX

The ‘MX’ series of multi-genre albums and individual tracks provide the ultimate in original, high-quality contemporary and retro-styled dance music, cleared and white-listed for live or recorded performances and promotional content.

The MX range specialises in DJ, Dance and Rhythm based music in varying styles and genres. Whether it’s Pop, Funk, Disco, House, Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, Electro, Trance, EDM, Breaks, Garage, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Chill-Out or more, MX has you covered. Each title features all original works produced by talented and already ‘industry-established’ DJ/Producers, and combine both familiarity and originality, equalling the production values of any track or album you’d download from major platforms. All tracks are real ‘DJ traditional’ lengths (mostly extended mixes), arrangements and structures, enabling you to utilise the full timing of a track in full- length performance videos, or just shorter clips/segments for Instagram Reels, Stories, YouTube Shorts and Tik-Tok videos.

Endorsed By Digital DJ Tips

This new, Mastermix ‘MX’ range has been sought out, ultimately approved and utilised by the world’s leading online DJ training platform, ‘Digital DJ Tips’. The team there were frustrated that they couldn’t find any resource that supplied (true DJ-focused) multi-genre original dance music, with varying styles, tempos and energy levels, for their livestream, gear-testing and demonstration videos, plus the huge amount of DJ training courses and content they generated. The Mastermix ‘MX’ range is now firmly integrated into both Digital DJ Tips’ live and recorded content, viewed, absorbed and consumed globally.

“As a DJ school, we don’t want the music we use in our training to cause us issues online, such
as copyright takedowns and strikes, but at the same time, we don’t want it to detract from the
training. In other words, we want students to recognise the music they love in the music we use
when we teach. The MX series offers credible, well-produced examples of a variety of dance
music genres, in styles that our students instantly feel at home with. Likewise, we enjoy using it
in public, and can do so without worry.”
Phil Morse, Founder, Digital DJ Tips

So now, your online promotional content can truly represent you on the global ‘DJ’ playing field, while your audience and clients enjoy some of the best, multi-genre and original dance music available. The shackles are off – go create and upload! …and relax in the knowledge that the audio part of your new social, promo, marketing or educational content is cleared for online use, everywhere!

Global DJ & Producer Dr Packer Joins The Mastermix Platform 

The Mastermix team is proud to announce the first release by multi-award winning DJ and producer, Dr Packer.

With over 33 years’ DJ experience, nine international tours, his own record label, and 22 years of studio work, Greg ‘Dr.’ Packer has built a huge global fanbase and his stylish remixes are used by thousands of DJs around the world.

Considered as one of the pioneers of the electronic dance music scene in Perth, Western Australia, Greg moved over to soul, funk and disco in 2013, creating his own edits and remixes of classic tracks – and with this came the creation of Dr Packer.

Introducing Dr Packer to the Mastermix platform gives DJs across the UK access to these incredible productions in extended and edit format, with the first release featuring 10 remixes with a 70s Disco vibe.

Dr Packer Remixes 1 – 70s Disco is now available as Extended and Edits, only from Mastermix.

mastermix dj re-grids collection 5 front cover

Introducing DJ Re-Grids

Introducing DJ Re-Grids

Introducing DJ Re-Grids – a new range that’s guaranteed to change the way you play music! 

DJ Re-Grids brings you classic, original tracks re-engineered to deliver fixed-tempo, quantized beatgrids, which will allow you to easily and seamlessly blend those (previously) difficult or even ‘unmixable’ tracks, add digitally accurate hot-cues for fast navigation and triggering for innovative live mixing.

Mastermix launches this brand new series with a 50-strong unmixed collection, spanning 5 decades of musical genres and styles. 

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee:

“Here at Mastermix, as well as being working DJs ourselves, we’ve always got our ear to the ground with regard to trends within the DJ industry, and this year all the talk has been around having fixed-tempo, quantized tracks to give DJs the flexibility to unlock their creativity. So as ever, we’ve done the hard work for you! Mastermix is created for DJs, by DJs”.

To deliver this project, Mastermix have called on the expertise of producer, remixer and industry legend, Paul Dakeyne who alongside his team has crafted each production to give you maximum playability. 

Paul explains the key to Re-Grids: 

“First of all, any DJ that has a track that they are hesitant to mix due to the beats slipping because of live drums or old production techniques, this removes that problem instantly. Secondly, because the beat-grid is locked on, you can add positional cue points for jumping to a specific place, or setting up a loop or doing some re-triggers, and it unlocks a whole new level of live mixing for you”.

DJ Paul Dakeyne holding DJ headphones image on Mastermix website

All DJ Re-Grid tracks are also freshly levelled and mastered to sound pristine in quality, with attention given to correct any ‘DJ standard’, 4/4 beat/bar deviations plus improving intros/outros and sections where needed for easier, more creative DJ mixing!

When developing new concepts, the Mastermix team sends sample tracks to trusted DJs for their honest feedback. Here’s professional DJ Brian Mole, after roadtesting the Re-Grid version of ‘Mr. Brightside’: 

“This is a perfect ‘drunken singalong anthem’ which more or less every crowd wants to hear near the end of a party. However, the quality of the recording is not good, and it’s painful for us DJs to hear it. When Rich sent me a Re-Grid of Mr Brightside to test, I was quite excited. Comparing it at home, it looked like the original waveform with the lyrics in the same place, so not a remix. It sounded better too, so I tried it out live for the first time at a party using a proper sound system. BOOOOM! What a difference, this is the first time I had a smile on my face playing this, and I didn’t reach for the headphones to try and isolate the nasty frequencies of the original”. 

Download DJ Re-Grids Collection 1 now in MP3 and WAV format, and for more Re-Grid tracks check out DKYN Re-Grids & Beats 1.

DJ Jet Boot Jack DJing

Introducing Jet Boot Jack

He’s the man who’s become known to many as ‘The Bootleg King’. A DJ & Music Producer with an illustrious career under his belt that includes creating 100’s of remixes, mash ups & mixes as well as performing DJ sets at some of the most luxurious venues around the world. His name is… Jet Boot Jack!

DJs have always enjoyed adding exclusive remixes, mash ups & mixes to their music library and Jet Boot Jack is a music producer favoured by many DJs around the world thanks to his innovative productions and creative style. He takes classic tracks and creates new & exciting versions that can be added to a DJ set and take the energy levels to new heights on the dancefloor. From 70s disco to current pop tracks, and everything in between, Jet Boot Jack will work his magic on almost any music style to deliver alternate versions for DJs to use as part of their sets.

Mastermix have teamed up with Jet Boot Jack to offer a selection of his best remixes & mash ups. Each digital album features 15 productions including some exclusive tracks that have previously been unavailable anywhere else.

The remixes are offered as both MP3 & WAV format and we’ll be releasing new Jet Boot Jack content regularly to build an extensive range of DJ remixes & mash ups!

Check out the full range of Jet Boot Jack products here and look out for new content each month as well as some exciting education content featuring Jet Boot Jack in the studio.

Mastermix vs. Jet Boot Jack… get on board!

What Are DJ Edits?

Mastermix DJ Dave Evans gives you the low down on DJ Edits, the latest range to hit the Mastermix catalogue.

It seems that everything is getting smaller nowadays; Wagon Wheels, the amount of money left in your account at the end of month, DJ equipment (although I don’t miss the days of lugging around a pair of turntables and several crates of records) and even audience attention spans.

In this digital age people can flick from one song to another very quickly and, as a result, have shortened the amount of time before they get bored of a track being played by a DJ. This has an impact on the dancefloor as the crowd can potentially lose interest in songs and generally don’t want to hear 4 minutes of a single track anymore.