Multi-Genre Dance Music – Cleared for Online Use

You want ‘original’, high-quality dance and club-based music, across multiple-genres that sounds contemporary and recognisable PLUS you want to be able to feature these tracks in your social media posts, client content, podcasts, showreels and livestreams – but wait, you can’t. Facebook takedowns – YouTube blocks – Audio mutes – It’s a headache, right? Well, not anymore…

For so long in the DJ world, most attempts by DJs to add quality (and varied-genre) dance music to online platforms has been met with the frustration of ‘muted’ sections, full content-takedowns or upload blocks across global territories.

You want to be safe in the knowledge that any music you use will be genre and usage specific, modern and high-quality and sound as good and familiar to your audience as any contemporary DJ focused, digital release. AND that it’s cleared for global online use…

Mastermix Presents MX

The ‘MX’ series of multi-genre albums and individual tracks provide the ultimate in original, high-quality contemporary and retro-styled dance music, cleared and white-listed for live or recorded performances and promotional content.

The MX range specialises in DJ, Dance and Rhythm based music in varying styles and genres. Whether it’s Pop, Funk, Disco, House, Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, Electro, Trance, EDM, Breaks, Garage, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Chill-Out or more, MX has you covered. Each title features all original works produced by talented and already ‘industry-established’ DJ/Producers, and combine both familiarity and originality, equalling the production values of any track or album you’d download from major platforms. All tracks are real ‘DJ traditional’ lengths (mostly extended mixes), arrangements and structures, enabling you to utilise the full timing of a track in full- length performance videos, or just shorter clips/segments for Instagram Reels, Stories, YouTube Shorts and Tik-Tok videos.

Endorsed By Digital DJ Tips

This new, Mastermix ‘MX’ range has been sought out, ultimately approved and utilised by the world’s leading online DJ training platform, ‘Digital DJ Tips’. The team there were frustrated that they couldn’t find any resource that supplied (true DJ-focused) multi-genre original dance music, with varying styles, tempos and energy levels, for their livestream, gear-testing and demonstration videos, plus the huge amount of DJ training courses and content they generated. The Mastermix ‘MX’ range is now firmly integrated into both Digital DJ Tips’ live and recorded content, viewed, absorbed and consumed globally.

“As a DJ school, we don’t want the music we use in our training to cause us issues online, such
as copyright takedowns and strikes, but at the same time, we don’t want it to detract from the
training. In other words, we want students to recognise the music they love in the music we use
when we teach. The MX series offers credible, well-produced examples of a variety of dance
music genres, in styles that our students instantly feel at home with. Likewise, we enjoy using it
in public, and can do so without worry.”
Phil Morse, Founder, Digital DJ Tips

So now, your online promotional content can truly represent you on the global ‘DJ’ playing field, while your audience and clients enjoy some of the best, multi-genre and original dance music available. The shackles are off – go create and upload! …and relax in the knowledge that the audio part of your new social, promo, marketing or educational content is cleared for online use, everywhere!